H2Oh No! - 3D Animated Short


Department of Vizualization, Texas A & M University is know for its stong ties with the industry. Every year they bring in a leading animation studio to come work with the students, and mentor them to produce industry/production quality shorts. During the summer of 2014, I got the chance to take the annualy offered VizLab's industry course with Dreamworks Animation !
I worked in a 5 member to create a 30-sec 3D animation short film in 10 weeks. We went through the CG production pipeline including story development, pre-viz, modeling, rigging, animation, surfacing, effects, lighting and rendering. I was the Pipeline and FX lead as well as the rigging co-lead.

Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Mari, Hiero


I helped setup a convienent file structure for my group's pipeline. With the help of shell scripting I created commands that helped automate several tasks for the group.


Our story had a lot of effects shots. Although our mentors at Dreamworks expected to have 2 effects in the short, we had effects in every shot. We had about 9 shots in total. This was my first time creating effects and using Houdini, I had to get aclimmated to using Houdini as soon as possible. I was responsible for the FX and compositing in the following shots.

Wave of water washing over the robot

Steam coming out the water


As a rigging co-lead, I helped out with rigging the secondary props. I prefer to create procedural rigs, with the help of Python and MEL. I created an art directable tool helps animators to shape the LED eyes of the robot. Running the code generates a GUI and control curves. Translating and scaling the curves help turning the LEDs on and off. The GUI can be used to do the same, and also key frame the controls.

LED eye rig